ACC001 Reinforcement tape

25m x 10cm fiberglass reinforcement tape used to reinforce and join the panels together. To be used in addition to a waterproof adhesive mortar


ACC002 Waterproof tape

Waterproof tape 10 m x 12.5 cm, used to seal on the junctions between the receptors and the walls, or between the walls. This strip is equipped with an elastomer layer and a polyester mesh layer to allow a good joint and a perfect seal.
 Available in rolls of 50 M.


ACC003 Sealing corner

Available in regular or inverted formats, the sealing corners provide watertightness in addition to the strips or mats, in the most difficult to seal corners


ACC004 Fixing connectors

Connectors accommodating the clamping and fixing screws, which allow anchoring in the mortar of the screw while ensuring firm grip of the panel


ACC005 Wall Anchors

 Wall anchors are used for panel connections to the wall-floor. These accessories ensure good hold of the panels and allow the construction of shelves or aprons.


ACC006 Perpendicular anchors

Perpendicular anchors are used for inter-panel fastenings, in order to ensure a fixed grip of the panels when the PU adhesive dries.


ACC007 Joint anchors

Joint anchors are used to connect the panels vertically to each other, in order to have good overall strength. The anchors are applied in foam and mortar, and are used in addition to PU glue


ACC008 Waterproof polymerized adhesive mortar

Polymerized waterproof adhesive mortar which ensures the bonding and sealing of the reinforcing strips and waterproof strips.
Delivered in a 5 kg bag


ACC010 PU glue

Mono-composite PU glue in cartridge, which allows the panels to be fixed together (corners or other panels). Strong, fast bonding


ACC011 Self-adhesive waterproof tape

The self-adhesive waterproof strip is equipped with a butyl underlay to ensure self-adhesion on the supports


ACC018 Profile for Wall to be tiled 8 cm

8 cm wide U-profile for holding tiled panels for wall partitions, showers or bathroom furniture construction

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